Bodybuilding Implants

The use of silicone implants to enhance appearance has been around for 50 years in the form of breast implantation. Since those early days of silicone breast implants surgeons have learned much about the management of silicone implants. So much so that in the last 15 to 20 years other implants – calf implants – gluteal implants and chest wall or pectoral implants have become mainstream.

The evolution of implant surgery is proceeding at a rapid rate and it is now possible to get an implant to enhance virtually any area of the body. These implants are placed through incisions that are chosen to hide the scar well.

Abdominal implants, quadriceps implants, biceps implants and triceps implants can all be used to give the buffed or the body building look.

These implants are very much individualised and it is impossible to tell whether an individual is suitable without an examination. Potential patients should not be overweight.


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